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Garage Door Panel Repair While Deployed

Our customer, Chris, was deployed overseas when his family gave us a call. They were helping Chris get his condo ready to put on the market while he was away.

Unfortunately, someone hit and damaged the garage door on his condo. Not just that, the corner wall was damaged as well in the accident.

Last we checked, you can’t sell property with a damaged garage door and exterior wall.

Thankfully Chris’ family gave us a call and we were able to get everything squared away.

As you can see in the image below, only 2 panels were affected by the accident.

damaged garage door panel

To save some cash, which is always a great thing when putting your home on the market, we decided to replace the panels instead of buying and installing a brand new garage door.

If your garage door is relatively new, or not super old, the manufacturer probably still produces the individual panels to your garage door model. This was the case for Chris, so we quickly ordered 2 new panels and installed them when they arrived.

Once the new panels, above, arrived, we installed them and painted them to match the existing door and exterior.

While we waited for the panels, we also were able to work on fixing the frame and stucco and got that paint matched and painted.

Within a week, the garage door was good as new and the condo went up for sale shortly thereafter.

Chris was grateful his family was able to handle this inconvenience and get everything taken care of quickly. His goal was to have the condo sold before he returns from his latest tour.

Chris received 10% off his entire bill just as all veterans, military, policemen and firemen receive as well. Thank you for your service Chris! Good luck with the home sale!

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Easy Garage Door Updates: Panel Replacement

Replacing your garage doors is sometimes necessary, whether due to damage or just wanting a whole new look. But sometimes there is a way to change the look and feel of your garage door, without actually replacing the entire thing and incurring the expensive of replacement. Below we will take a look at one such change, which not only looks great, but is affordable too!

An affordable way to get a new look for your garage door is to replace a panel and paint your doors. Changing paint and other details can change the look of your home. And without the cost of a big garage door renovation.

In addition to painting your doors a new color, replacing a panel with a panel that includes window decorations or other decoration features can really enhance the look you are going for. If your existing garage door is in great condition but you want some more decoration, it is much easier and cheaper to replace the panel with a decorative feature you want, then to choose and pay for an entirely new door.

Below you can see a recent project we did where we painted the doors and replaced a panel to change up the look. This door was in excellent condition to replacing the whole thing would have been a waste.


Here are the doors before any work was done. You can see that the condition is great, and they look stylish! The homeowners were looking for a bit more drama and design.


Here are the doors halfway through the transformation. The upper panels of both doors were removed. Then we installed new panels that feature decorative windows that the homeowners really wanted.


After the new panels were installed, all we had to do was paint! As you can see in this after picture, the doors look amazing! The newly installed upper panels were painted to match the existing doors and voila! These doors look totally different, and for a great price!


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