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Garage Door: Safety Cable Repair

Safety cables may be the single most protective feature of your garage door. They prevent broken springs from injuring loved ones and/or damaging valuable property. Though they are lighter, they resemble garage door cables. Safety cables attach to the wall in closest proximity to the stationary pulleys. Sometimes they are attached to the garage door track. The cables are then laced through springs, and attach to the support as the garage door spring.

Garage door safety cables are relatively simple to install. They can generally be purchased as a kit which contains all of the necessary hardware. In most instances, it only requires about an hour for installation. Inspect your garage door track in order to create a comprehensive list of required parts. This includes fasteners, s-hooks, and eyebolts etc. This way should the kit not contain everything you will need, you will have it on hand.

Kits, garage door components, required tools, and necessary safety wear may be purchased online or in a home improvement store. These items may also be available at a local garage door company as well. The garage door owner’s manual most likely contains an order form; however, this will probably be the most expensive route.

Reasons for Garage Door Safety Cables

Garage door springs are responsible for an immense amount of pressure. Should the spring snap without safety cables in place the result could be extensive damage to valuable property, severe bodily injury, or even death. The amount of pressure which would drive the spring across the garage creates enough force to penetrate a wallboard which is double layer and 5/8 inches thick. This amount of force can completely destroy a windshield which can cost $400 or more to replace.

As mentioned replacement and/or installation is quite simple. It requires lacing the cable through the garage door spring and being able to remain steady while on a ladder. Upon the installation of one side all moving components should inspected prior to installing the cable on the opposite side. Ensure that the garage door system in functioning properly. It is also important to make sure that the safety cable is not pulled too taught. A minute amount of slack is just perfect.

Safety Cable Installation

  • First thread the open end of the safety cable through the horizontal hole in the metal garage door frame. This should be in close proximity to the location at which pulley’s cable affixes. The hole closest to the opening of the garage door is best as this will reduce the possibility of binding.
  • Next thread the garage door safety cable upward through the middle of the spring.
  • Now, lace the garage door safety cable through the hole which is located in the upper portion of the metal spring support that is vertical. This should be the location at which the spring is attached. Loop the safety cable back and then use a cable clamp to secure it to itself.
  • The last step is to slowly test the function of the garage door to ensure it is not going to bind or inhibit the door.

Our team of garage door specialists will be happy to visit your home and install a brand new set of safety cables for your family. Just give one of our caring reps a call now. We can assist you with any and all of your garage door needs.

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Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is an integral element of any home. All garage doors need routine maintenance to keep them functioning smoothly. This maintenance also increases the length of its life and prevent numerous future repair costs. Many families opt to hire a garage door specialist because they lead extremely busy lives and simply have no time to perform these tasks.

Visual and Hand-on Examination

It is important to visually inspect the garage door periodically. Many experts recommend this to be completed quarterly. The first step is to examine the garage door springs to ensure they are in peak condition and functioning optimally. There ae two basic types of springs. Extension springs are long and horizontally stretched above the garage door roller track. Torsion springs are round and mounted under extreme pressure above the door.

  1. Examine the tracks; rollers; brackets; cables; and hinges to evaluate their condition and to ensure that they are functioning correctly.
  2. Check all screws and bolts to ensure that these are tight. If any component appears to be frayed or worn, replace it as soon as possible.
  3. The garage door balance should be physically tested. If there is an opener present, disconnect the power source then disengage it. This is most commonly accomplished by tugging the cord and handle which hangs from the central track’s trolley.
  4. Lift the door to about waist height, manually, and release slowly. If the garage door rises or lowers, it is incorrectly balanced and requires adjustment.

Clean and Lubricate

The exterior of the garage door should be cleaned at least once per year or more often, if the property is in a salt-air environment. Proper and timely lubrication is important not only to a garage door’s longevity, but to its continued smooth operation. It is also essential to use the correct type of lubrication. It should be a non-silicone based product for the bearings, hinges, and springs. Some individuals use motor oil for some of the other parts; however, it is best to consult the owner’s manual and/or garage door professional.

  1. Mix one cup of mild detergent with five gallons of tepid or warm water. Use a rag or sponge to wash the garage door. Thoroughly rinse with a garden hose.
  2. Wooden garage doors must be wiped with a soft, dry rag. Once cleaned, it may be necessary to re-stain or repaint a wooden garage door.
  3. Visually inspect a wood garage door about once a year to determine, if it needs to be re-stained or repainted.
  4. Clean the inside of the door in a similar manner or use a broom to sweep away any debris and/r cobwebs.
  5. Lubricate the rollers and bearings with the non-silicone based product. Do not allow lubricant to make contact with nylon rollers or roller tracks.
  6. Use brake cleaner and a rag to clean the garage door tracks while wearing latex gloves.

Note: Be sure to make any necessary repairs along the way or schedule an appointment with a local, professional garage door contractor. Many garage door components, especially springs and cables, are under intense pressure and present a very real danger.

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Garage Door Technicians: Four Ways to Differentiate the Frauds from Legit

If your garage door is causing you problems, you would want someone trustworthy to fix it.  Unfortunately, there are many people who are not qualified to repair and maintain your garage doors but parade themselves as certified technicians. Be wary of these impostors because they may cause more damage to your garage door instead of fixing it. Not only that,  if you realize that your garage door is worse off than before, you won’t have a way of contacting the false technician since he is not working in a legitimate garage door company.

Knowing the Technicians to Trust

How are you going to spot the fakes from the legit technician? Here are some pointers for you.

  1. Check their identification cards.

The first thing you should do when a garage door technician comes to your door is to check his identification. If a technician is working for a legitimate garage door company, he should have an ID card that states the name of the company, his name, the name of his manager with signature and the phone number of the garage door company. If he can’t show you a valid ID, don’t let him work on your door. At worse, this can be a security issue as the person can be a burglar or an intruder with malicious intentions.

  1. Call the company they claim to be from

Once you have verified that he has an ID, take note of the name, the company and the number then call it. Just ask them if the person on your premises is really their employee. Most company can check their list of employees and see if that same name appears on that list.  If the name is on their list, ask them to describe him so you can confirm if he really is the guy.

  1. Ask for the price book

Legit garage door technicians who work in a company will always have a price book with them. This book contains all the garage doors and parts that the company sells. Garage door companies only give this book to their employees.  If the person claiming to be a garage door technician has the book, then you can be sure he is working for a legitimate garage door company.

  1. Observe how he works

A real garage door technician will know exactly what to look for and where to look for it.  If it seems that the he does not know what he is doing or if he didn’t even bother to investigate your garage door, then you should start doubting.

Be Secure

Knowing the legit garage door technician from the fake one is easy once you have mastered the steps above. Remember that fake garage door technicians may not know what they are doing and may damage your garage door. It may also be a threat to your security. Only work with technicians trusted by your community. If you are in Roseville and Sacramento areas, you can call Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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