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Garage Door Sealing

Most garage door technicians will mention sealing your garage door if they are servicing your garage door, especially if they notice any cracks in your seal or an absence of a seal altogether.

There are many benefits for a sealed garage door, including insect prevention, home security and energy benefits.

Insect Prevention

It’s easy for insects like spiders and ants to enter your garage door through an unsealed garage door or a broken seal. This alone is a great reason to seal your garage door!

Home Security

A broken seal is a great opportunity to shove a crowbar under a garage door and get it open to gain entry to your home.

Sealing your garage door helps to keep a main entry point to your home more secure.

Energy Efficiency

If you have an attached garage door, the temperature of your garage directly impacts the temperature in your home. A garage door seal can help regulate the temperature INSIDE your garage, which will positively affect the inside of your home.

Whether you have an attached or detached garage, many people enjoy working in their garage, or keep their car inside. A garage door seal can help keep temperatures cool in the summer, and warmer in the winter, so your car stays comfortable and you can work with the door shut comfortably.

Spending some money to seal your garage, can lower your energy bills and help pay for the seal itself!


Should I seal my garage door?

Yes! The small investment has a ton of benefits, including closing off entry to insects and burglars alike, and contributing to energy savings in your home.

Call a professional garage door company today to have a licensed garage door technician check out the seal on your home, and give you a quote! An annual maintenance call is a great time to check the seal of your garage, and make any improvements and upgrades you need!

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