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Case Study: What Happens When You Don’t Fix a Broken Spring

We recently fixed a broken spring for a customer. While this is a fairly normal job we perform each week, this one was special enough for a blog post. The spring, as you can see below, broke in 2 different spots.

This happens from time to time, however in this case, one break is from the spring breaking 6 months ago, and the other is the more recent one.

Always Get Your Springs Repaired Quickly!

The problem here is that when this customer’s spring broke 6 months ago, they didn’t get it fixed. Only when it broke the second time, did they call a garage door repair company to address the problem.

This is VERY unsafe! Operating your garage door with a broken spring is a recipe for disaster. The garage door at any point could fail as the springs will not work properly. This means the door can fall quickly onto your property, or worse, a person. This will happen forcefully and quickly.

Operating your garage door with a broken spring can also risk burning out the motor on your garage door opener. The garage door opener will compensate for the spring not holding the weight of the garage door, and will run harder. Garage door openers, and their

Garage door openers, and their repair, can be expensive. Additionally, the time you need to wait to repair your garage door opener if it fails, can be frustrating, especially if you park your car inside and it gets stuck!

Make sure that when your spring breaks, you get it repaired! And when looking for a garage door company to repair your springs, check their reviews and references! We often perform spring replacements on springs that were too small for the garage door, installed by a bad repair company.

Springs that are not the right size for the weight of your garage door and installed improperly with your garage door opener, can also cause problems and unnecessary wear and tear on your garage door parts.

Now the spring is fixed, installed properly, and the garage door can operate safely!


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Garage Door Spring Repair Projects

Below is a collection of a few spring repair projects we’ve completed lately. Spring repair is one of the most common repairs we perform.

The most common issue is springs that are not the right size to support the weight of the door. This can cause problems, including the opener not functioning properly. It can also shorten the life of your springs and opener.

We generally recommend a dual spring system for all garage doors. This helps your springs function properly. Your entire garage door system will also last longer.

While there is a higher upfront cost with a dual spring system, it’s worth it over the life of your springs. Plus, it helps your door function safely.

Spring Repair #1

Here you can see a broken spring. When we arrived, we upgraded to a 2 spring system. We also reinforced the garage door.

The springs should last longer in a dual spring system. It will support the weight of the door better, and allow the garage door opener to function longer.

Customers tend to be scared to upgrade to a dual spring system at first since it is more expensive upfront. The time you will get out of your system returns your investment.

The harder impact on your garage door opener with 1 spring versus 2 makes a dual spring system more affordable in the long run, since you will get more life out of your opener.

We also installed braces, as you can see in the picture above, to reinforce the garage door. Reinforcing the door helps to prevent cracks.

Spring Repair #2

This house was built by a big builder. These builders generally take the easy and cheap route when building homes. That means that garage doors generally only have 1 heavy duty torsion spring installed. While it saves them money upfront, like we talked about above, it doesn’t give as much life as a dual spring system.

A double size garage door, like the one in this picture, will function better and last longer with a dual spring system. The double springs will also balance the door more effectively. This helps the garage door opener work better.

The spring works by carrying the weight of the door. Doors are heavy! If you think you have a broken spring, or if the spring looks like it does above, or in any of the before pictures in this post, call us! We can check it before it snaps, which can cause damage.

Spring Repair #3

The videos below show a spring that is too small for this garage door. The customer called saying he could only open his garage door part of the way. You can see what we mean in the video:

After troubleshooting for a while, we realized the door is too heavy for the springs, which are too small for the door.

We changed the springs to properly fitting ones, and adjusted the motor. The door is working like new now!

Spring Repair #4

A standard spring repair. Broken spring before…

Newly installed springs, after…

Spring Repair #5

This spring broke in TWO places!

We quickly swapped it out for new springs, and good as new!

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