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Questions to Call and Ask Garage Door Company

There comes a point and time when you must call a trained garage door technician. Those who have had previous issues have routine scheduled inspection and preventive maintenance appointments in place. One of the most integral elements of this process is to ensure the garage door specialist is trained and is reputed to perform a professional job with a high level of customer satisfaction.
Important Considerations
• To start ask the garage door company if their technicians are trained and certified. It is also a good idea to inquire if they are required to complete professional development courses once per year or more often.
• Not all garage door companies belong to trade associations; however, those who are professionally qualified are proud of their skills and are happy to share their qualifications. These will strive to belong to the best associations possible such as the International Door Association, also known as the IDA, or have accreditation from the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation, also called the IDEA. Ask a rep about this visit the BBB website to see if the company has been graded.
• Ask the garage door company if they have customer reviews, ratings, and/or a portfolios of past projects. It is a good idea to inquire if it provides a list of past and present clients who do not mind being contacted as references.
• Speak with a customer representative to ensure that the technicians are trained to address the garage door issue at hand. Some only offer partial services while others provide a wide variety of complicated services.
• Ask if the team of specialists at that particular company services the local area and if they are familiar with its weather, regulations, and building codes. It is generally better to deal with a local company and it makes it much easier to seek the reputation of that garage door company.
• Payment methods are often a big giveaway. Professional garage door companies almost always accept several forms of payment such as credit, debit, and check cards as well as cash certified money orders. Those who only accept cash may not be on the up and up.
• Another important consideration is the inspection portion of the process. A large majority of these business offer a free inspection an estimate in advance of any type of payment or commitment.
Contact Our Service Techs
There are many questions to consider when reviewing garage door company options. It is always best to satisfy all questions and concerns prior to accepting any contract. Our team of professional garage door specialists at Perfect Solutions Garage Door will be delighted to visit your home to provide free inspection and estimate services.

  • Ask us about our comprehensive services.
  • Schedule an inspection and quote appointment.
  • Ask us what our projected completion date for your project will be.
  • Inquiry about the accompanying warranties of our premium quality products.
    Note: Never sign any agreement until you have read and completely understood what its states. Ask us about anything that seems confusing before signing it.
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Garage Door Technicians: Four Ways to Differentiate the Frauds from Legit

If your garage door is causing you problems, you would want someone trustworthy to fix it.  Unfortunately, there are many people who are not qualified to repair and maintain your garage doors but parade themselves as certified technicians. Be wary of these impostors because they may cause more damage to your garage door instead of fixing it. Not only that,  if you realize that your garage door is worse off than before, you won’t have a way of contacting the false technician since he is not working in a legitimate garage door company.

Knowing the Technicians to Trust

How are you going to spot the fakes from the legit technician? Here are some pointers for you.

  1. Check their identification cards.

The first thing you should do when a garage door technician comes to your door is to check his identification. If a technician is working for a legitimate garage door company, he should have an ID card that states the name of the company, his name, the name of his manager with signature and the phone number of the garage door company. If he can’t show you a valid ID, don’t let him work on your door. At worse, this can be a security issue as the person can be a burglar or an intruder with malicious intentions.

  1. Call the company they claim to be from

Once you have verified that he has an ID, take note of the name, the company and the number then call it. Just ask them if the person on your premises is really their employee. Most company can check their list of employees and see if that same name appears on that list.  If the name is on their list, ask them to describe him so you can confirm if he really is the guy.

  1. Ask for the price book

Legit garage door technicians who work in a company will always have a price book with them. This book contains all the garage doors and parts that the company sells. Garage door companies only give this book to their employees.  If the person claiming to be a garage door technician has the book, then you can be sure he is working for a legitimate garage door company.

  1. Observe how he works

A real garage door technician will know exactly what to look for and where to look for it.  If it seems that the he does not know what he is doing or if he didn’t even bother to investigate your garage door, then you should start doubting.

Be Secure

Knowing the legit garage door technician from the fake one is easy once you have mastered the steps above. Remember that fake garage door technicians may not know what they are doing and may damage your garage door. It may also be a threat to your security. Only work with technicians trusted by your community. If you are in Roseville and Sacramento areas, you can call Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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Five Probable Reasons Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening or Closing Properly

Imagine how frustrating it would be when one morning you wake up and realize you are almost late on an appointment. After hastily bathing and dressing up, you go to get your car and the garage door will not open. Some people will panic, force it open or tinker with the door’s mechanisms. However, the best course of action is to call a garage door company. Garage door companies treat this is an emergency and would head to your home right away to solve the problem.

Why Your Garage Door Wouldn’t Budge

If you are wondering why you’re garage door isn’t opening or closing as it should, there are several possible problems that could be causing it. It could be the photo eye or torsion springs or something as basic as the power source. Read on to learn more about the possible causes of garage doors that seem stuck.

1. Photo eye is obstructed.

Your garage door most probably has a photo eye that detects if there is something beneath the garage door that keeps it from closing all the way. It’s a safety feature in case a child or a family member is below the door when it closes. However, there are times when the photo eye is obstructed so it thinks that there is a block beneath the garage door. When this happens, it refuses to close. The photo eye operates by shooting a laser across the garage length. When this laser is interrupted, the garage will not close.  

You can find the photo eye four to six inches off of the ground under the door. You can check if there is something blocking the laser or if it’s broken. If the photo eye is broken, it needs to be replaced by a certified garage technician.

2. Power source not connected.

This possible reason seems very basic, but sometimes people just don’t check whether the garage door is connected to a power outlet. If your garage door mechanisms don’t even make a weak whirring sound when you try opening the door, then the power source should be your primary suspect.  The solution is simple. You just have to check if the garage door is properly connected to the power source. If not, then just attach it.

However, if you find out that the wire is broken or cut, then don’t put yourself at risk for injuries trying to fix it. Call a certified garage door technician right away. Remember, electricity kills.

3. Remote control is malfunctioning.

If you have ensured that the garage door has power and it’s still not working, try checking your remote control. Try replacing your remote control’s battery. If the battery replacement solved the problem, then well and good. If it is still is not working, have your remote checked by a technician.

4. Torsion springs are broken.

Garage door torsion springs are responsible for making the garage door easy to lift. Without these springs, the door will be too heavy for the mechanism to open. There are times when  due to too much pleasure, the garage door torsion springs break which results in, you guessed it,  the door not opening.

When garage door springs are broken, don’t try to fix it, because it’s already irreparable. Don’t try replacing them yourself either because these could snap or hit you. Many people had to be taken to a hospital because of accidents caused by trying to replace the springs themselves. Call a garage door company and have them send someone to replace the torsion springs.

Work With Garage Door Technicians

When your garage door refuses to open and close properly, it might be one of the problems mentioned above. It is a great idea to have your garage door maintained by certified technicians to avoid problems. A trusted garage door company in California is Perfect Solutions, which has a 24/7 hotline to attend to all your urgent garage door issues.

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How to Know When to Replace Your Garage Door

Old Way or New WayA garage door is probably the most expensive item that can be found outside a person’s home, next to its intricate garden or swimming pool. Your garage door may look nondescript and forgettable, but it serves an important purpose of protecting your belongings such as cars, stocks, and other valuable items.

Although it is advisable for homeowners to care for their garage doors for as long as they can, a smart one knows when a garage door’s time is really up. Here are the signs that tell homeowners that it’s time to replace their garage door:

1.       Rust
There is no need to rush at the first little sign of rust, but when cycles between paint jobs are getting shorter and the brush strokes are getting longer, it is a sure sign of greater damage. Instead of wasting money on paint, it is better to go for a contractor to ring up a new cost estimate for a brand new garage door.

2.       Water damage
When water repetitively seeps in, it may be hard to salvage a wooden garage door. This type of damage is also one that sustains itself with a plethora of problems such as pests. Also, the water may affect the steel support that holds the door together, leading to more problems. A constantly moldy garage door means you may need to replace your garage door with a material that is resistant to moisture.

3.       Deep curves and bents
When your car hits the garage door, you may be left with a deep bent that is beyond repair. If this happens,it may be a wise decision to replace your garage door as these bents deteriorate over time. Also, the damage caused by the crash may actually be irreparable or too costly to repair.

4.       Wide gaps and spaces on the side
With years of continuous use, garage doors can become looser and soon, the gaps can be seen by the naked eye. For safety reasons, it is smarter to change garage doors altogether than have a security breach waiting to happen. Once big gaps are obvious, burglary and trespassing can be as easy as opening a can of meat—all it takes is a pair of wrench and a little effort.

Gaps also make the indoors prone to the ravages of the elements such as little wild animals (i.e. rats) and extreme cold or heat. This problem can also wreak havoc on one’s electricity bill, which is not worth the trouble versus simply replacing the garage door.

5.       Increasing bills for parts and repairs
Purchasing parts and doing minor repair from time to time does not seem to hurt, but calculating these in the long run really adds up. If the total cost of constant repair work is greater than an actual garage door, it would be more sensible to buy a new one.

When it comes to malfunctioning garage doors, repair may not always be the best solution. Consult your trusted garage door technician to determine if it will be better for you to get a replacement.

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How Owners Can Damage Their Garage Doors

iStock_000008076543_SmallMany people do not pay so much attention to their garage doors, but when these get broken, they are going to gnash their teeth out of frustration. What they do not know is that they may be in some way responsible for their malfunctioning garage doors. They may have inadvertently caused damage to their doors. Here are some possible ways owners invariably contribute to their own garage door problems.

Crashing into a garage door

Sometimes, when people are in a hurry to get to work, they tend to drive carelessly. Backing up on the garage is a common problem especially on those homes where the drive way is short.  This accident also occurs frequently during winter because sometimes cars slide backwards and crash into the garage because of the slippery ice.  Whenever this happens, it is better to call garage door repair right away to assess the damage.  Strong impacts will not only dent the garage door, it may also cause the garage mechanism to fail.

Not closing the garage door all the way

Many people think it’s fine to open a garage door partially so they can let their pets in and out of the house though it. The truth is it could damage the garage door, specifically the spring. The reason why owners can easily lift open the heavy garage door is because of the spring located on the garage ceiling. When the garage door is closed, the spring can relax, but if it is left partially open, the spring will have to bear the weight of the garage door for a long time. Soon it will snap, and when that happens, the garage door will become slow, erratic and will not close fully.

Neglect and lack of maintenance

Garage doors need maintenance. This home amenity has so many mechanical parts that need to be checked from time to time. However many owners are too busy to spend even a few hours to check if everything is working great.  Many don’t even notice if their garage door is opening slowly or if it’s making weird clunking sounds, until it’s too late. The worst part is that they may blame the garage door for failing instead of blaming themselves for negligence.  Doors that have been neglected may develop more than one problem, so it is better to call a garage door repair company.

Trying to repair the garage door themselves

It’s the height of confidence when a garage owner thinks that because garage door repairmen can fix their doors, they can do it, too. Too much confidence is not always good, especially unfounded confidence.  It will be like a non-doctor trying to operate on a patient. Everyone can guess what will happen, more damage.  Garage door parts could be misplaced, not returned to their proper place or broken. When garage doors start showing symptoms of wear and tear or other malfunctions, it is better for the owner to call a garage door repair company than trying to repair it themselves.

Garage doors are sturdy constructions, but they still need care. They are not immune to the owner’s negligence.  A well-maintained garage door would need less repair work. It could last a long time, saving its owners a lot of money.

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Child-Proofing Your Garage Doors

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Garage doors are heavy and therefore could cause injury to unattended children.  This is why parents should make sure their children are not very close to garage doors while they are in operation.  But, what if mom and dad are not around and kids being kids play with the garage door? Child-proofing the door to the garage is a responsible thing for parents to do, but how do they do it?

Parents should talk to their kids

It will not take an hour for parents to talk to their children about the possible injuries they might get when playing with and around garage doors.  Talking to the kids is the first thing the parents should do. This way kids will keep it on the back of their minds that messing around with their garage doors may not be a good idea.

Warning posters on the garage door

After talking to their kids about keeping themselves around the garage door, parents should reinforce that by pasting a warning notice on the garage door.  It may seem a little unsightly but a little inconvenience like that is surely not as important as keeping their children safe.  Parents could even do a bonding activity where they and their kids make the poster themselves. This way, the safety warning will be reinforced in their minds.

Keep garage door remotes out of children’s reach

Garage door remote control does not belong in a child’s hands.  Children have a penchant for playing with whatever they get their hands on.  If the garage door remote is accessible to them they may play with it by opening and closing the doors repeatedly. This will cause the door soon to break and it could also be dangerous for the child if he or she is controlling the garage door very near or right under it.

Get a motion sensor for the garage door if it doesn’t have that yet

There are times when a parent is working in the garage their children will follow them. Sometimes, bad timing happens and just as daddy closes the garage door, his little girl is under it.  Scenarios like this happen many times. If the garage door ha motion sensor, it will go back up if it senses there is something under it.  Garage door motion sensors have saved many of children’s lives in recent years.

Have the garage door checked by a garage door repair company

Regular maintenance of garage doors keeps it working properly.  A malfunctioning door could suddenly close even while a person is still under it. Not only will a broken door be dangerous for kids its dangerous for adults, too. By calling a garage door repair technician, those little wear and tear can be found and immediately fixed.

Children’s safety should be the focus of parents.  Keeping them safe around garage doors is a responsibility they must take seriously. Luckily, it isn’t very difficult to child-proof garage doors. All parents need to do is to take time to explain to their kids the possible dangers of not being careful around it. There are also innovations that they can buy to eliminate the danger of a garage door accident. Finally, maintenance and repair should not be forgotten because a well-maintained garage door is less likely to cause accidents.

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Three Reasons Why Doing Your Own Garage Repair Is Not Advisable

bigstock-Girl-Opens-Old-Garage-21316331Broken garage doors are a source of great stress to their owner. Some of the symptoms of a malfunctioning garage doors are weird sounds produced while opening and closing them. Sometimes, they fail to open completely, if at all. It is human nature for owners to fix their broken garage doors themselves. However, experts contend that this is not a good idea.

When garage doors begin to show signs of malfunctioning, it is more advisable to let garage repair specialists take care of the problem. Here are three reasons why.

Save your money

The garage door has complicated mechanisms. If you lose one gear, the whole mechanism fails.  Garage door repair specialists have the proper know-how in repairing a failing door. They know what they are doing, so they don’t end damaging the door more. Owners do not necessarily have that knowledge. If a garage owner tries to fix his garage door, he may unintentionally cause more damage. By the time he decides to contact a person to repair his garage door, the damage he caused may cost him ten times more than if he called a technician right away. In addition, if the garage owner gets injured trying to fix his own garage door, it will also cost him money for hospital bills.

Save yourself from injury

Not only are garage door mechanisms complicated, tinkering with them without the right skills and knowledge could lead to serious injury. Take for example the garage door spring. When that powerful metallic spring snaps and hits someone’s face, it could crack skulls. This unfortunate incident could be easily averted if the owner does not try to repair the garage door himself. As has already been previously mentioned, only professional garage, door technicians are qualified to make repairs for a garage door. They know how it works so they can avoid accidents.

Save time

When they try to fix their own door, it usually takes garage door owners days, week, or even months to finish it—sometimes it won’t get fixed at all. They would be wasting a lot of time that they could spend with their loved ones. Garage door specialists can fix garage doors in a day or two because they are knowledgeable in that field. Once they are done, the door can function again flawlessly.  Time saved!

Although it is tempting for owners to fix their broken garage doors by themselves, it is always advisable to let professionals solve that problem. They are better equipped with knowledge and the right tools to repair garage door in a safe and efficient manner. By choosing to call them right away at early signs of garage door problems, homeowners could save money, time, and most importantly themselves.

When a person is sick the best person to call the doctor. When a building is wobbly, call a carpenter. When a garage door is having problems, the best action is to call a garage door professional.

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Advice to Homeowners:Four Ways to Keep Your Garage Secure

Protect your houseA garage keeps its contents safe, from cars to power tools and other valuable stuff. Aside from that, many garages also lead directly to the interior of a person’s home. Garage protects its owners, but who is protecting the garage?

Garage owners should take the responsibility of making their garage safe from vandals and burglar who might want to damage it. There are many ways to keep the garage secure, they may cost some money, but that cost pales in comparison to the advantages of having a well-protected garage. After all, safety is priceless.

Keep the area well-lit

The simplest way to give a garage the security it deserves is by keeping it well lit. It will not cost too much for the owner to install a fluorescent lamp or two in his garage. Keeping the place bright is a good deterrent against burglars and vandals.

The reason vandals and burglar don’t like a well-lighted place is that it is easy to spot them if someone investigates. Psychologically, darkness makes doing bad things seem safe. Evil people are also more comfortable in environments as dark as their souls.

Install a reliable garage door

A garage without a door is an open invitation to malicious people. A wide-open space with lots of expensive tools inside it is a magnet to thieves. In reality, garage doors are not cheap. Nevertheless, they last a long time and they are effective in keeping bad people out. In the end, garage doors are worth every penny spent in installing them.

Install an alarm system

For those people who live in a place known to have many burglars, it may not be enough just to keep garage will lit. Even a strong garage door will not keep burglars from trying to break in to it.  The solution is an alarm system.

Door sensors protect the garage by making a loud irritating noise when somebody tries to forcibly open the garage door. It’s like the alarm on the car.  The sound it emits could not be mistaken for music. It is a really loud sound that tells everyone that an illegal break-in is happening. Burglars usually run away because of alarms.

Bring the keys to the garage with you

An easy and common–sense way to keep the garage from looting is by taking the garage door wherever the owner goes. Garage keys weigh just as light as a penny or two. It it’s not a burden to carry a few a garage key in the pocket. Some people however choose to leave their key on their cars or on a secret hiding place in their home. Do not underestimate the resourcefulness of burglars. They will try to find the key at home and many of them can easily break into a car and take the keys.  It’s best for garage owners to have it with them all the time.

It is better safe than sorry. Sure, some of the tips presented here do cost some amount of money, but when the safety of the family is concerned money should take a back seat.

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How to Find the Perfect Garage Door Technician

bigstock-Carpenter-Drilling-Hole-47760583You are in a hurry to get your garage door fixed, you just want to get it looked at every other year or you may need to get a part replaced. In any case, you need to find a quality garage door technician to complete these tasks. So how do you encounter the perfect garage door technician you can trust for years to come? This article lists the main characteristics of an honest, competent garage door handyman.

An Open and Easy Communication

The first sign to look for in a quality garage door technician is the ability to have a fair and transparent conversation about the problems with your garage doors, the prices of the services and the way the repairs will be handled. Always beware of professionals who constantly rush the conversation to a price or cannot answer your questions.

A Recommended Individual

As usual, the best way to find a qualified garage door repairman is to seek recommendations from your family and friends. If you live in a house, you can bet that at least one neighbor in your block has had to call a garage door technician in the past. Interview people in your neighborhood and ask them who they relied on, what company did the worker belong to and if they were satisfied with the price and performance. Make sure to ask about the price and the nature of the repair, as not everyone has the same perception of a ‘good deal’ or ‘cheap prices.’ You can also consult internet sites and forums in your local area to find out if there is a specific company to employ or not employ.

A Clear Individual

The worker should always announce a clear price for the repair or new piece needed for your garage door. If not, it is always better that the professional checks with his or her company/contracting agency first rather than being inaccurate about the fee of the service. In any case, the worker should have the necessary resources for you to check to make an informed decision, such as a catalog of services and even comparisons with other local companies.

Manners, Manners

As for any technical worker or even worker in general, sometimes little details can tell a lot about the professionalism of the handyman. Does the contractor arrive on time? Is he or she polite? If you need to call the worker, how fast does the individual return your call? How does he or she behave on the phone? All these little things can indicate a very good but also very bad worker. If you can’t trust a professional for showing up on time or not lying on prices, don’t trust them with your garage door.

As always, the best key to find the perfect garage door repairman is to take the time to research and interview several individuals, right after you buy a new door or before you start having problems. Make sure that the individual is acquainted with the manufacturer who made your door so that you can get replacement pieces for your door easily if needed.



Important Personal and Professional Qualities of a Good Garage Door Technician

Garage door installation in Granite Bay CA 95746

Garage door technicians, like any other professionals, tend to have different personality types and carry themselves in diverse ways. The individuality of a technician not only affects how he or she is perceived by clients but also affects how he or she relates to fellow technicians within the industry. A good garage door technician should exhibit a few key qualities as we see below.

Deep understanding

A good garage door technician should know the ins and outs of his or her business. This means that he or she should be able to answer most of-if not all-of your questions related to garage doors. If you find that a technician does not fully answer your question or shed light on your issues, it is best that you don’t engage his or her services, irrespective of his or her recommendations or apparent success as exhibited by his or her portfolio.


A good garage door technician should be well specialized. This means that if the technician is a hinges expert, he or she should have relevant experience to support the claim. The best way to ascertain the degree of specialization is by simply asking technicians specialized in other areas if they know of the technician-in-question’s experience. Typically, technicians will know their peers who have excelled in different areas.

Specialization is especially important when the technician deals with garage door locks and security systems. These particular areas not only affect the integrity of a garage door but also the security of a family and their possessions.

Good relations with suppliers and stores

When a technician has good relations with suppliers, he or she is in a position to positively influence the pricing of materials that may be required in undertaking maintenance on a garage door. While it is not strictly expected that a technician get you bargains with suppliers, it is desirable that he or she does so.

Good relations with suppliers and stores are also a pointer towards the experience of the technician. The reasoning here is that a technician buys a lot of materials because he or she has many engagements.

 Proximity to your home

We have nothing against out-of-state technicians but it is better for everyone involved that a technician is from the same area as the client. This helps in saving costs and time that would have been spent in bringing in someone from outside the state. Close proximity also ensures that subsequent repairs don’t cost too much since the technician will be able to attend to your garage door without having to travel far. This ease of access that a technician from close home allows a client can at times be the difference between getting repairs done fast and at a small price or waiting for a repair for long that the small broken parts demand bigger repairs.

We realize there are many qualities that set apart a top garage door technician from regular technicians not discussed above. However, the above points should be enough to guide you when choosing between technicians.