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Garage Door off Track

Off track garage repair

Garage door off track in
Roseville CA.

One of the most common, but annoying garage door issues is when it jumps its track. It is extremely important to cease trying to operate it when this happens. Operating it while it is off of its track can cause further damage to the garage door. This will also increase the cost of repairs.
It may be necessary to contact a garage door technician; however, if it is caught soon enough and is only slight, Do It Yourselfers may be able to correct the issue. It can be a simple case of popping the roller back into place and re-affixing the garage door. Remember that working with garage doors can present serious dangers and inexperienced individuals are wise to turn the project over to a professional.

Back on Track Steps

•First locate the handle and rope hanging from the midpoint of the garage door opener track. Ensure that the garage door is in the closed position. Disengage the opener from the garage door by pulling the handle.

• Raise the garage door slightly until the rollers align with the area of the issue on the track. Use a clamp, a pair of locking vice grips, or pliers to secure the garage door. Place them onto the track right under the lower portion of the door.

• Use another pair of pliers to open the door track in close proximity to the location at which the rollers jumped it. If the width of the track allows it, you may be able to direct the roller’s wheels back on the track.

• Close the opening again using a block or plank of wood and hammer. The piece of wood should be placed against the outer edge as a buffer and try gently tapping the track to straighten it with the hammer. A carpenter’s hammer will work; however, a wooden or rubber mallet is ideal as it will not cause as much damage should you hammer too hard.

• Remove the clamp, locking pliers, or vice grips. Close the garage door by lowering it completely until it is flush with the ground. Press the button on garage door opener remote to ensure it is closed. During the process the opener should snag the garage door which should then snap the release apparatus into it proper position. The garage door and it opener should now function correctly once again.

• It is important to test the garage door a number of times to ensure that it is once again functioning properly. Watch carefully as the garage door continues through its operation and take note of any problem areas. Look for places at which the rollers catch or drag because you may be required to straighten the track a little more in those areas.

Garage Door Rescue

Lack of knowledge and/or experience are not the only reasons that homeowners call on garage door specialists for repairs or maintenance. Most of these task are actually rather simple to complete. The world is extremely fast paced today and families are extremely busy with careers, academia, and extra circular activities. They simply do not have the time required to attend to these things. Our garage door technicians are highly skilled and waiting to get started on your garage door project today.

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3 Benefits of a Garage Door Repair Service

bigstock-Carpenter-Drilling-Hole-47760583Most people use their garages to store more than just the car. In fact many families don’t keep their cars in the garage at all, but instead use the space to store just about everything else. Whether you fall into that category or not, there’s a good chance you use your garage to store items that would be attractive to the less honest members of a society. For that reason it’s important to keep your garage door in the best possible shape – Your home security depends on it.

If your garage door should need some attention, to prevent it from being a weak point in your home security, you have two choices. You can work on the door yourself or you can call in the experts. Often the latter choice can be the most prudent. In fact here are three good reasons to engage a garage door repair service to resolve any problems you come across.

#1: No Need to go Shopping

Because garage door repair companies work with a wide range of brands, they can easily source any replacement parts necessary to repair your door. The technician will typically arrive with all the parts necessary to carry out any repair that your garage door may need. If replacements are not immediately available though, he or she is likely to source them very quickly and then return to complete the job. This saves you the trouble of hunting around hardware stores trying to find the right parts for your garage door repair.

#2: Door Repair Technicians Do it Safer

There are some garage door repairs which are just not suitable for DIY. For example, if the problem is related to the door springs, or the springs must be removed to affect a repair, a professional will be able to fix the issue safely. Many people have been injured while trying to work on garage door springs, which are fitted under an incredible amount of tension. It’s really better to be safe than sorry and leave jobs like this to the experts.

#3: Knowledge at their Fingertips

A technician from a reliable garage door repair provider will be able to perform any repair, whatever your garage door brand, type or style. He or she will have specialized tools and equipment, access to technical documents for all brands of door and automatic opener and a wealth of training and knowledge to employ in making sure your garage door is back to working order in no time.

There are many more reasons to trust your garage door repairs to a professional company. Even if you enjoy DIY, a problem can crop up at any time and you may not be in a position to deal with it immediately. For example, trying to source parts to repair a stuck garage door in the middle of the night isn’t the easiest task. Most repair companies offer 24 hour call-out services and although it will cost you a few dollars more than a DIY job, a professional repair saves you time, effort and unnecessary inconvenience.


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How to Get a Return on Investment from Your New Garage Door

garage 1Having a new garage door installed is a relatively inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home, particularly if your garage is at the front of your property and can be seen from the sidewalk or the road. Even so, if you are going to spend money on a new garage door, choosing wisely will help you to ensure that you see a return on the investment you are making – In other words, your new door will pay for itself in the value it adds to your home.

This short guide suggests a few things worth considering if you want to get the best ROI on your new garage door.

Maximize Energy Saving Potential

Apart from improving the aesthetic appeal of your home, there is another way in which a new garage door can pay for itself – By delivering energy cost savings. Whatever type or design you choose, ensuring your new garage door is insulated is the surest way to recoup the cost of purchase and installation. By reducing the amount of heat (or cool air if you are in a warm climate and use air conditioning) that escapes your home by way of your garage, an insulated door will make a difference, however small, to your heating energy costs.

Match the Style to Your Home

It’s surprising how often people choose a new garage door for the way it looks in photographs or in a showroom, without considering if it fits the style of their homes. For a new garage door to do your home justice and add maximum value, its style must be in keeping with the rest of your house. For example, if you have a very modern, contemporary style of home, carriage house garage doors won’t make the most suitable choice, however nice they look in themselves.

It’s All in the Overlay

Once you’ve decided upon the style of garage door which most suits your home, the hardest part of the selection process begins. Garage doors are comprised of sections which more often than not, are covered with some form of overlay to provide a certain visual effect for the door finish. The only doors which don’t have an overlay are the cheapest products made from steel. These inexpensive garage doors have a design embossed or pressed into the steel sections, typically mimicking the effect of wood grain.

While a garage door with an overlay is going to be more expensive, you will be able to choose from the widest range of designs and effects, which of course is important if you are to maximize the curb appeal of your home. You can choose from overlays made from real wood, cellular PVC or wood composite materials. Real wood overlays are the most expensive, while a door with wood composite overlays can be had for little more than the price of an embossed steel door.

Hopefully this guide will help a little when you choose a new garage door with ROI in mind. If you select a door with a nice overlay, in a style that matches your home and with insulation built-in, you should see the payback over the door’s lifetime or within the price you receive for your home if you sell.

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Is it Possible to Have a Glass Garage Door?

Garage door with no parking signFor sure you have thought about having a garage door made of glass at least once. If you did some research on the market you may have noticed that there are no offers when it comes to this product. The truth is that in theory it is possible to have an all-glass garage door, but reality begs to differ.

Why aren’t there any glass garage doors?

If you do research the matter you might see that the garage doors you find are sectional garage doors made of aluminum frames that come with inserts of glass or polycarbonate which give the impression of a door made of glass only. Naturally, we also have to take into consideration that there are some places where the law doesn’t allow constructors to use glass right above the heads of the people passing by.

What is that you can find on the market?

If you are determined to have a glass garage door, most probably you will get a sectional garage door. It is common for the manufacturers to achieve a glass-like surface by using toughened acrylic. At the moment there are two main options for you to achieve a glass door. One of the options is to use a sectional door that comes with glazing sections which make the door look like it is made of glass. The second solution is to have a trackless sectional door that has glazed panels.

In order to make the door lightweight, easy to operate and modern, the majority of the manufacturers use aluminum. If you want to make sure that you have the glass door that you always wanted but you have some privacy as well, you might want the glazing to have a smoky effect. The only downside of these garage doors is that you need to place a special order for them and they are usually made only in large sizes as they use the mechanism of industrial garage doors.

Other options for special garage doors

If this isn’t exactly what you had in mind, you might also consider the trackless sectional doors. In this case the door has a counterbalance weight system, which is able to lift the two panels vertically without using internal tracking. This solution is suitable for your home if you have a high ceiling. Usually the frame of the garage door is made of timber. The advantage of this material is that it is durable and the homeowners can choose from numerous different colors to match the style of their home.

Privacy and security

Some might have concerns regarding the glass garage doors. As it has already been mentioned, these are made of toughened materials so they offer some degree of sound and heat insulation. In order to have as much privacy as possible, it is best to choose the garage doors that come with a smoky color.

Although it’s not possible to have a garage door made only of glass, there are several alternatives that look just as good and that are highly functional.


All the Right Reasons to Get a Side Hinged Garage Door

garage_door_safetyTechnology is making great advancements and new designs appear every day, so why is it that the side hinged garage doors are still so popular? These doors all use the same mechanism: two side hinged panels in a frame. Besides the simplicity of the mechanism, what makes them so appealing to people?

The advantages of the side hinged garage doors

All people know the side hinged doors and they know that they are easily operated. There is only one lock or handle to open and there is no need for lifting. If you’re using the garage door not only to enter with your car, this might be the best solution. This is because the mechanism allows you to open the door only halfway so that you can enter by foot and then you can close it again. The majority of the designs have a 1/3 or 2/3 split and there might be a pedestrian door as well. In this case the large leaf is only opened when the garage door is fully lifted.

The available materials

The majority of people imagine timber when it comes to the materials. Nonetheless, there are some more practical solutions as well, such as steel and GRP. The mechanism is the same, but the design takes advantage of the more modern materials for flawless operation.

The pros and cons of timber side hinged doors

One of the major disadvantages of timber is that in some cases the garage doors are made of low quality, unsorted redwood that could warp and rot.  However, this isn’t the only option that homeowners have. One of the best solutions is to get a garage door made of cedar wood which is lightweight and it has a high resistance against the elements. In case you use the right treatment, you can give the door any color you’d like so that it will match the style of your home.

Steel is also an option

Although it might not be the most popular material when it comes to doors, there are some high quality single skin steel garage doors made of galvanized steel. These come with all the parts included so the door is easy to install.

The option of having a GRP door

GRP is also known as fiberglass and the advantage of these garage doors is that they come in numerous styles, designs and colors and they come with all the parts included so they can be installed fast and easy on site. These represent good value for money and the best thing about them is that they need only little maintenance.

Insulated side hinge doors

One of the biggest hits of the moment is the insulated side hinge garage door. These offer heat and sound insulation. Aside from this, they are also known for the high level of security that they offer.

Some might think that the side hinge garage doors aren’t modern enough, but when it comes to functionality, they always represent a safe bet for all homeowners.

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A Garage Door Spring 101

shutterstock_662638Without springs, your garage door would be no fun at all. After all it’s a very heavy item. The springs which are fitted to the door are what make it so easy to open and close, even if you have no automatic opener. Yet you probably don’t pay those door springs too much mind until something goes wrong with your door. Knowing a little bit about these springs however, can help you to head off any serious and expensive future problems. Therefore, today’s post provides a few useful facts about garage door springs.

Two Types of Garage Door Spring

The first thing to know about garage door springs is that there are two types. These are known as torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are situated along the top of the door opening. They work by uncoiling as the door is opened and coiling up when it’s closed. Extension springs are fitted parallel to the horizontal section of your door tracks. Instead of uncoiling, they extend as the door is opened and retract as it closes. Another important thing to note is that both types of springs are always installed in pairs.

About Garage Door Springs and Safety

Torsion springs and extension springs are all installed under an immense amount of tension. Under no circumstances should you try and work on the springs yourself. Removal and replacement of springs should always be done by a professional garage door installation and repair service. For the uninitiated DIY enthusiast, the uncontrolled and sudden release of door spring tension can result in serious injury. By all means, lubricate the springs occasionally, but for anything more than this, call in the experts.

Life Expectancy of Garage Door Springs

Generally, there is not too much that can go wrong with your garage door springs. Eventually wear and tear will take a toll on them and will result in weakness. The average door spring is good for 10,000 cycles of opening and closing. Therefore if you only open your garage once in the morning and once in the evening and perhaps a few more times on weekends, you can expect at least ten years of use from your springs. Conversely, if you have a large family who are regularly in and out of your garage, ten years use would be optimistic.

If your garage door does get heavily used, it can be worth investing in “extended life” door springs. While they are twice the price of standard springs, but you can expect them to last four times as long, which definitely makes them a value proposition the next time you need to replace your springs.

It’s actually very easy to identify when the time to replace your springs has come. With the garage door in manual mode, lower it all the way down. Then lift the door to a height of about two feet from the ground. Now let go of the door. If the door starts to slide downwards, the springs have lost their strength and will soon need to be replaced.

Now you know a little more about your garage door springs, just remember to test their strength occasionally and lubricate them with light oil every three months or so. Otherwise you can continue to pay them little mind and they will serve you well for years.

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How to get a Jaw Dropping Garage Door

shutterstock_89979706Garage doors come in many different materials and styles. You can have a plain and mundane garage door, a smart and stylish steel door, faux or real wood carriage style. For a garage door that will really turn heads though, how about having one that doesn’t even look like a garage door? Did you know you can buy garage door artwork which will fool passersby and visitors into seeing something completely different?

Garage Door Stick-on Murals

There is a growing trend in garage door decoration, which started in Europe and is beginning to take off here in the United States. Weatherproof 3D murals, made especially for garage doors can transform even the ugliest door into an amazing work of art. In fact the images are so realistic, they might not be a good idea for anyone living at the side of a busy road, for fear of causing accidents.

Costing anything from $200 to $500, the murals attach to the door of your garage using magnets or Velcro. Made from durable material used for commercial outdoor advertising, these amazing prints are easy to attach and remove. If you have the budget and a penchant for collecting, you could even have a range of murals to interchange whenever you fancy a change.

Eye-Popping Motif Designs

Many of the murals make your garage look as if the door is open, with an exotic car, motorcycle, boat or even a jet fighter parked inside a stunningly realistic garage interior. Far from being limited to transportation themes though, you can fool onlookers into believing you have a giant crocodile or an elephant captive in your garage. How about a garage full of gold bullion? Just make sure you secure your garage well though as this might attract thieves, so realistic are the images.

Other murals use images such as a fully-stocked wine cellar, music studio, and platform of an underground metro station complete with train. There are also beautiful cityscape and landscape images to choose from. If you have a double or even a triple garage, you can have an image in two or three parts. When each part is fitted onto a respective door, the result is an image which extends across the front of your garage to make it look as if you have a ship or jumbo jet stored in there.

Check Local Regulations

If you do have a mind to purchase any of these murals, be sure to check with your city first. Otherwise you may be forced to take it down, which would spoil all the fun. If your garage is in plain sight of your neighbors, it’s a good idea to canvas their opinions too. Some people just don’t want to see anything which stands out too much.

The beauty of garage-door murals is their impermanency as well as their visual impact. If you are putting your home on the market, for example, you can easily take the mural down: potential buyers may not have your taste in artwork, after all. These images might not be for everyone, but if you really fancy doing something different with your garage door’s presentation, they make an unusual and fascinating focal point in the approach to your home.


How to Maintain a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

downloadWide availability and inexpensive purchase cost is what makes chain drive garage door openers among the most widely used in the United States. They also have the benefit of being quite easy to maintain yourself. With a bit of regular attention, you chain drive opener should give you many years of trouble-free service. Here are a few tips to keep your opener in top condition.

Check for Loose Nuts, Bolts and Screws

Even the best chain drive opener is subject to some vibration in use, due to the way it’s engineered. This can result in hardware working loose over a period of time. Therefore it pays to inspect all the associated nuts, bolts and screws every few months. Tighten up any that have started to loosen. Neglecting this simple task can result in a broken or binding chain eventually, or perhaps even parts falling free and getting damaged.

Lubricate the Chain

The vibration generated by a chain drive opener can be greatly reduced if you lubricate the chain occasionally. You just need to use light machine oil or WD-40 for this. Apart from helping the door opener mechanism to run smoothly, keeping your chain oiled will also reduce noise from the opener and help the door to open and close smoothly, reducing the load on the motor.

Remove any Slack from the Chain

Check the chain on your door opener for slack once a year. If there is slack in the chain, you can get rid of it by turning the limit screw on the power unit until the chain is taught. Be careful not to over-tighten the chain though. Slack is sure to develop in the chain from time to time as it stretches. However, it’s important to reduce this slack; otherwise the door will close heavily and/or will not open all the way.

Door Rails and Rollers

As well as the chain drive itself, certain parts of your garage door assembly also require maintenance to extend the life of your door opener. You just need to occasionally address the following points:

  • check the door rail fastenings occasionally and tighten them if required
  • Lubricate the door rails lightly
  • Check the rollers to make sure they are all turning freely

If any of the door rollers are sticking, you might need to replace them. However, do NOT attempt to replace the bottom rollers yourself. This is a task for a professional garage door technician.

Don’t Forget the Light

Most garage door openers come with a light fitted. This is used to light up the garage when the door is opened. Every six months or so you should remove the transparent light cover and give it a clean. Also give the inside of the light area a wipe out. To make sure you never have to deal with a failed bulb plunging you into darkness, it’s worth replacing the bulb every 18 months.

All of these maintenance tasks are easy to perform yourself and will make a big difference to the life expectancy of your chain drive door opener. While a chain driver opener is relatively inexpensive to purchase, a little preventative care will save you having to replace yours before its time.


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Some Old and New Tips for Garage Door Security

dog_garageSometimes, good advice bears occasional reiteration. When it comes to keeping your home safe from intruders, you can never have enough tips and tricks up your sleeve. Your garage door is the largest portal into your home so it’s vital to secure it in every way possible against those who would use it as a way to gain unlawful entry.

Here are a few hints and tips to maximize the protection offered by your garage door. Some of them you will have seen before and some of them will hopefully be new to you. Feel free to take away the ones you think are most useful and be proactive in keeping would be intruders at bay.

Automatic Door Opener Security Tips

#1 Don’t let a car break-in become a home intrusion. Always remove your garage door opener remote from your car and take it with you, either into your home or wherever else you are going. If thieves break into your car and find the remote, they may well use it to gain access to your garage and take away whatever you have stored in there. Worse yet, from your garage they may try to get inside the rest of your home.

#2 Keep your door opener remote on your key fob or chain. This is the best way to avoid leaving the remote in your car inadvertently. If the remote control for your door opener is attached to your car keys, you be highly unlikely to leave it in your car by accident.

#3 Invest in a door opener which uses rolling code technology. With rolling code protection, your door opener remote transmits a brand new code every time you press the open or close button. With more than 100 billion codes, it’s highly unlikely that even hi-tech thieves with code grabbing devices will be able to get your garage door open.

Tips for Physically Securing Your Garage Door

#1 In case you are ever unfortunate enough to have someone break into your garage, a wide-angle peephole, installed in the internal door of your garage will let you investigate without opening the door. If you hear unusual noises coming from your garage, you can just use the peephole to see if you have any unwanted visitors.

#2 If your garage door is one with windows installed, it can pay to replace clear glass with a frosted design. This prevents would be burglars from seeing what’s inside your garage. Most housebreakers are opportunists and if they can see items worth stealing, are more likely to try and force your garage door.

#3 If you have an automatic door opener, the emergency manual release can be a weak point for security. This emergency release is often situated fairly close to the garage door. A cunning intruder may be able to trip the manual release by using a coat hanger, or something similar, inserted through the small gap between door and frame. To stop this from happening, secure the emergency release with a couple of cable ties. This will make it impossible for anyone to trip the mechanism from outside.

Many homes are broken into daily via the garage door. If you follow the tips described here, you can greatly reduce your chances of joining the list of people whose homes have been violated.

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7 Steps to Fixing Your Peeling Garage Door

weather stripIf you have a painted steel garage door you may, at some point find the paint starts to peel from the surface. Unlike wooden surfaces, steel doesn’t accept paint readily and if the wrong type of paint was used, or the garage door surface wasn’t prepared sufficiently, the paint can eventually lose adherence. However, although unsightly, it’s not the end of the world and you can easily patch up your paintwork and have the door looking attractive again.

7 Simple Steps to Fix That Peeling Paintwork

Before getting under way with the steps to fix your steel door paintwork, here are the items you’ll need:

  • Paint roller and tray
  • Paint brush
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • Putty knife
  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Medium grade sandpaper
  • A sponge and a cloth
  • A garden hose
  • Acrylic-latex exterior garage door paint
  • Steel primer

Step 1: Use your metal putty knife to scrape all peeling, bubbling or chipped paint from the surface of the door.

Step 2: Use the sandpaper to roughen up the bare door surface in the areas where you scraped the paint away.

Step 3: Using a solution of two gallons of warm water with 1/3 of a cup of trisodium phosphate added, wash the door down with the sponge. This is where you need to have the rubber gloves on, to protect them from the soap solution.

Step 4: Rinse the door down using the garden hose.

Step 5: Use your clean, dry cloth to wipe all moisture from the bare areas of the door.

Step 6: Coat the bare areas of the door with the steel primer. Give the primer at least a couple of hours to dry before continuing with the next step.

Step 7: Finally, paint the entire garage door with a coat of acrylic-latex exterior paint, using the roller and tray.

An Extra Tip

Before you carry out step 7, it can be a good idea to test the exterior paint on a small section of the door. Just use your paint brush to apply a small square of paint. Leave it to dry for a couple of hours and then stick a strip of masking tape to the test square and peel it off again immediately.

If the paint comes away from the door on the masking tape, you will know that is hasn’t “taken” and will peel again or bubble after you have painted the whole door. The reason for the paint failing to stick is probably one of the following:

  • Outside air temperature is too warm or cool
  • The air is too humid
  • You have tried to use the wrong kind of paint

Take a look on the paint can to find the temperature range recommended for applying the paint. If the actual air temperature is outside of the stated range, wait until the temperature is correct and test once more. If the paint comes away a second time when you apply tape to it, you should probably get some advice from the store where you bought the paint.

By following the seven steps above, you can soon have your peeling steel door looking great again and adding to the curb appeal your home deserves.



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