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Damaged Carriage House Style Garage Door

Our client, Rachel, pulled out of her garage one morning in Granite Bay, CA a little bit before her garage door was fully open. We’re guessing she hadn’t finished her first cup of coffee yet. 

This is a common garage door accident and isn’t that challenging to repair. However, if you’re like Rachel and have very nice, brand new carriage house style garage doors, the accident and repair is a bit painful. 

damaged carriage house garage door

Damaged Carriage House Garage Door Options

The good news for Rachel is that only one panel was damaged in this accident. And since the door is new and therefore, being manufactured, we were able to order one new panel.

This option is much more affordable than getting a whole new door. It’s also the greener option since swapping out a panel is less wasteful than a brand new door.

Many people opt to replacing or swapping out a garage door panel as a way to upgrade their garage door. A common upgrade is swapping out the top panel of a garage door with a panel that has decorative windows. This can help add some light into the garage, and some style as well.

Once we got the new panel ordered, we came out to remove the old panel and install the new one. Now the door is back to looking brand new!


Rachel’s garage door is beautiful, and includes decorative hardware and a beautiful panel of windows!

If you have a dent in a garage door panel and want to see about repairing or replacing it, give Perfect Solutions a call if you’re in Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln or surrounding areas.

We have a lot of experience in panel and garage door accident repair and can find a solution that fits your budget as well as your look!

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Realtor Garage Door Fix: Damaged Panels

We have a great working relationship with realtors and realty companies. Often times they are given homes that they need to get ready to put on the market, and there is important work that needs to be done before that can happen!

One of our Keller Williams realty customers gave us a call about a mobile home they were putting on the market. The garage door was damaged and needed to be repaired before the first open house.

As you can see, the bottom two panels were damaged. Most likely at some point, someone bumped into the door with their car.

When we arrived and inspected the door we confirmed that only 2 panels were damaged. Thankfully for the realtor and the homeowner, it was only two panels, which made replacing them instead of replacing the entire door, the best choice. Replacing 2 panels is a lot cheaper than ordering and installing a new door.

We ordered 2 new panels to replace the damaged ones and got to work installing them.

The door looks great now!

Importance of curb appeal when selling your home!

The damaged panels didn’t do much to affect the functioning of the garage door, but curb appeal is very important, especially when selling a home! This quick fix, especially as compared to replacing the entire door, made a huge difference during the sales process for this home.

If you have an older garage door, it can sometimes be more cost effective to replace the entire door. Especially if you are selling your home, a new garage door adds instant value and helps tremendously with the exterior curb appeal.

In this case, the door was in great shape, and spending a small amount of money to update the damage, made all the difference!

The house sold after only 1 week on the market!

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Garage Door Panel Update with Windows

Our latest project in Roseville was with our customer, Mike. This project is a great example of how you can get a brand new look for your garage door, without the expensive project of buying and installing a brand new door.

In this case, Mike was getting bored with his plain white garage doors and wanted to update his curb appeal a bit! A few things you can do, just like Mike, is installing new hardware, replacing a panel or panels and new paint!


Mike decided that he’d love windows on his garage door. He was hoping that we could find panels with the window design he liked, so instead of getting all new doors, we could just swap out his upper panels.

Well lucky for Mike, his garage doors are still being manufactured. This meant we were able to find some panels with a window design he loved. We ordered the panels, and installed them when they came in!

They look pretty good, right?


garage door panel update

Replacing the upper panel saved Mike a ton of money. But the work wasn’t done with the panel swap.

Since the windows added extra weight to the door, we switched out his garage door springs . This helps to properly balance and support the weight of the new door.

We also installed a new LiftMaster belt drive opener that is quiet and handles the load of his doors properly. The doors open more smoothly as well!

Switching out his garage door panels instead of getting a new door saved Mike thousands. And he got the garage door windows he was hoping for! The last step in this makeover was a quick fresh coat of paint so all the panels matched each other and Mike was good to go!

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Replacement of Damaged Section vs Replacement of the Entire Garage Door

It can cause a bit of confusion when home owners are contemplating whether they should replace their garage doors or simply replace one panel. In some cases, small repairs can be enough to have your garage door operating smoothly again. There are situations when the only option is to replace the whole door. There are a couple of key points which can help make the decision much less complicated.

Inspection and Detection

The first step in making this important decision is to visually inspect the entirety of your garage door. Look for dents, scratches, and warping. In most cases, this type of damage is considered cosmetic in nature. These types of issues may only require a bit of fixing and perhaps a single panel replacement. Even though this is simple it should not be postponed. Any type of repair should be completed as soon as possible.

A small amount of damage, if not addressed immediately, could result in further damage to the garage door as well as additional repair costs. In the event that this delay causes further damage to the structure or safety features, it could jeopardize family safety. Garage doors are extremely heavy objects under immense pressure and one slip could mean grave bodily injury and/or death not to mention property damage.

  • If more extensive damage is found upon inspection the entire garage door may require replacement. Look for deep scratches and/or dents as well as structural damage. Damage that has been caused by an impact should be inspected by a trained professional.
  • A garage door which does not open and close properly may only need a few specific parts to be repaired and/or replaced. One simple fix for this is to reset the switch for the motor casing assembly.
  • Depending upon the local climate, the garage door may need adjustment between seasons. Be sure to make these adjustments in very small increments or it could damage the door further and the whole door may have to be replaced.
  • Common components that often require replacement are rollers, springs, and/or its tension rods which traverse horizontally or diagonally on the inside of the garage door.
  • Garage doors require proper routine maintenance which includes cleaning and lubrication. Debris and dirt can literally gunk up the works and cause the garage door to operate slowly or even simply not operate.

Call a Garage Door Pro

The first consideration should not be to replace your entire garage door. Many times the panel may not even need replacement for minor cosmetic damage. It is often best to contact a professional garage door technician to sort this out. Our knowledgeable team at *insert name* is waiting for your call now. The difference in the cost of replacing your entire garage door and replacing a single panel can be several hundred dollars. Allow us to assess your situation to determine which is best for your family.

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