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A Few Ideas to Repurpose Old Garage Doors

If you have recently changed your garage door, don’t dispose the old one right away.  It may no longer be usable as a garage door, but the materials it is made of can still be used to make amazing stuff for your home or office.  If you purchased it from a reliable garage door company, you can be assured that they are made of the highest quality materials, which can withstand external elements. Not only will repurposing old garage doors benefit you, it help save the environment.

A Newfound Purpose

Throwing away your old garage door to install a new one can be a cumbersome process and is unnecessary, according to Sara Carpenter of Bob Vila. Here are some smart and creative reuse ideas for your doors according to their material.


Most metal garage doors are made with steel, a very strong material.  These doors are designed to withstand elements of nature like wind, water, even fire. Because this is a highly durable material, you can use it to create many things including:

  • A safe to keep your valuable items
  • Metal benches on your lawn.
  • Hanging platforms for plants
  • Modern-looking shelf


Like steel, aluminum is also a metal. However, its strength lies in its malleability and its lightness. Many people prefer aluminum garage doors because it’s cheaper and provides the same amount of protection as metals.  Because of aluminum’s malleability, it can easily be used for various purposes within the house.  For example, using this material, you can:

  • Reinforce your fence
  • Use it as a DIY room divider
  • Turn it into an awesome lawn table or chair
  • Convert it into a grill


Wood is, of course, the most classic among garage door materials.  Reliable garage door companies would only provide you with the highest quality wooden garage door if you get it from them. If time comes when you need to replace your wooden garage door, don’t get dismayed because you can still use it for other things and none of these repurpose ideas include firewood:

  • You can use the panels as accents to an empty wall. They will look good if placed horizontally above the couch.
  • Convert the wood to other furniture like cabinets, shelf etc. The design of the garage door panels will look awesome and classy.
  • Use one of the panels as a headboard for a bed. The carvings and designs of a wooden garage door will look awesome as a bed headboard.

All It Takes is Creativity and Imagination

The list of the things you can do with your old garage door in this article is not exhaustive. This is just to show you that with a little elbow grease and some imagination, your old garage door, no matter what material it is made of can still be useful in many ways.  Throwing them away or selling them for scrap would be a waste of money. If you need to consult an expert whether you really need to have your door replaced in Placer County, California, call Perfect Solutions Garage Door company.

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