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Five Ways to Avoid Garage Door Accidents

Your garage door may seem innocent enough and safe, but there are some cases where garage doors can cause injury to some people.  The sad thing is that these injuries are the fault of the garage owners themselves and are totally avoidable. If you want your family to be safe from garage door accidents, you can minimize the risk by implementing some safety measures.

Keeping Your Garage Doors Safe

Just like any device, garage doors should be used with caution to prevent damages and accidents. Here are some ways to keep you and your family safe from garage door accidents:

  1. Keep the remote out of children’s reach.

One of the common dangers of garage doors comes from children playing with the remote to open and close the door. Not only will this damage the door, it can also harm your children if they are underneath the door when they close it. To avoid this, hide your garage door remote in a safe area out of children’s reach. If you have a door leading from the garage into your home, keep this door locked when children are at home to prevent them from going inside this area.

  1. Always open and close all the way.

When opening the door to get inside your garage, always make sure that it is opened all the way. If it is only partially open, it will put too much tension on the spring, which can snap and send the door crushing down. If a person happens to be under the impact site, he can get seriously injured.

  1. Check the reversing mechanism monthly.

The reversing mechanism ensures that if the garage door is closing and it notices that something is underneath the door, it will go back up to avoid accidents. However, some conditions prevent it from doing so, like for example if the sensor is covered in dust. To test if the mechanism works, place a tissue roller on the bottom of the door and close it. If it reverses, then it is good. If it does not reverse, contact a garage door technician right away.

  1. Learn how to use the emergency release feature.

The emergency release feature ensures that you can manually open the garage door in case of power outages.  If the garage door accidentally closes on someone and their feet are trapped, you can use this to open the door in a hurry.

  1. Always check the garage door.

Visual investigation at least once a week can help keep your garage door safe. You should check the spring for any signs of wear and tear. Also, listen to the sound your garage door makes. A squeaky sound may mean you need to lubricate the parts.

Monthly Maintenance is Necessary

A garage door in good condition is a safe door.  This is why it is important to invest in monthly garage door maintenance with a reliable garage door company.  Having professional technicians check the condition of your garage door may be the best safety strategy of all.  The tech will be able to check and determine if your garage door needs repair before any accidents can happen.

Nobody has to get injured because of garage doors. As a garage owner, you should never neglect your garage door and follow the tips above to make it safe.

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How to Keep Your Garage Safe from Intruders

garage_door_safetyGarages are a convenient entranceway into your home, which is why many unwanted intruders will specifically target your garage, especially if you don’t have a proper security system to stop them from gaining access. The experienced professionals at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors strongly encourage you take the necessary precautions to keep your garage safe from intruders. It will definitely make it harder for criminals to break into your garage if you practice these simple security tips.

Here are a few proven ways to keep your garage safe from intruders:

1.      Invest in a Better Opener

Modern garage doors openers are now available with rolling-code technology and fingerprint recognition capabilities to make it significantly harder for criminals to access your automatic opener. Please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for a free quote on any of our brand name garage door openers if you live in the Sacramento, Auburn, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, or Rocklin, CA area.

2.      Lock Your Interior Door

Many people will leave the door between their garage and home unlocked for easier access. Even if you have a solid steel garage door with the highest level of security features available, it should be kept locked at all times. You should also install a peep-hole and deadbolt on the interior garage door, just like every other exterior door to your home.

3.      Keep the Garage Closed

It may sound pretty obvious to most people, but many people leave their garage door open during the day. Although potential intruders may not attempt to break into your home while you are there to protect it, leaving the garage door open will advertise to potential criminals the valuables that are inside of your garage. If you have nice stuff, it could inspire them to visit your home when you are not there.

4.      Buy a Keychain Remote

One mistake that most people make is leaving their automatic garage door remote inside their car. Thieves can break into your car, take the remote, and then use it to break into your garage. Using a keychain remote that stays with you whenever you go is a smart way to keep your garage safe from intruders.

5.      Install Outdoor Sensor Lights

You should strategically place outdoor sensor lights throughout your property, especially around the entranceway to your garage. These lights will keep your garage and home safe by scaring off any unwanted intruders.

Investing in a better opener, locking the interior door, keeping the garage door closed, buying a keychain remote, and installing sensor lights are all proven methods for keeping your garage safe from intruders. Please feel free to contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors if you need any assistance implementing these valuable security tips.

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