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Project: Replacing a Rotten Wood Garage Door

We recently completed this awesome project in Midtown, Sacramento. Our customer’s old stand alone garage door had a rotten wood garage door that only opened manually, and barely opened at that.

He wanted to use his garage for it’s intended function. That meant he wanted to remove those old wood doors and install a brand new garage door and garage door opener. He also wanted to add a walk through door so he could access the garage without having to open the big door.

Here is what his door looked like before we got started:

rotten wood garage door

Project: Remove Rotten Wood Garage Door

The project began with demo! We removed the old rotten wood garage door. All of the framing around the old door was in a bad shape and rotting as well. So we got to work removing that and just generally cleaning up the space to prep it for the construction.

Once that was done, we were able to re-frame the opening to properly fit the garage door we chose, as well as frame out the walk through door.

Here is the project after the initial framing:

rotten wood garage door

Once we completed the framing, we were able to install the brand new walk through door! Looks great, right?

rotten wood garage door

The last part of the project is of course the most dramatic, the installation of the brand new door! The door he chose is a great door, and we also insulated it to help with temperature control in his garage.


rotten wood garage door

Once the door was installed and looking good, last step was all the finishing! We textured and painted the exterior.

Lastly, we installed the garage door opener to make this baby go up and down with ease! Our customer chose the LiftMaster 8550W opener. The opener has some great features including WiFi connectivity so you can control it with your tablet or smartphone.

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Paint Your Garage Door

There are several different reasons home owners decide to pain their garage doors. For some, it is a cosmetic decision and they have simply become tired of the old look. For others, it is maintenance and protection. It can prevent future damage and save money in the long run. The very first step is to decide between a water or oil based paint. Oil based paint is generally that which is chosen for exterior painting, while water based paint resists stains best. It is wise to purchase a primer and a finish as well. Some more expensive paints do not require one or the other.


  • Use a pressure washer to thoroughly clean metal garage doors and a garden hose for those constructed of wood. A pressure washer is not recommended for wooden doors as it may damage them. Use a stiff brush and mild detergent to remove tough dirt and/or stains. Use a scraper to remove any peeling paint and sandpaper to smooth the surface.
  • It is also best to sand any areas of metal garage doors which show rust. Use a paintable caulk and/or wood filler for patching and filling cracks. Be sure to remove any wood scrapes or splinters before trying to apply the paint.
  • Place cardboard and or drop cloths down to protect the garage floor and driveway. Masking tape and plastic sheeting or trash bags can be used to protect windows, trim, and/or siding.
  • Use a high quality brand paint to prime the garage door especially, if it is new and has never before been primed or if you are painting it a different color from the previous time. Ensure that it is the correct primer for your garage door’s material, whether wood or metal. Apply a thin coat of primer with a roller or sprayer. A brush can be used; however, it may show streaking, especially if the painter is inexperienced.

A Fresh Coat

  • Disconnect the garage door opener. This is to allow you to open the garage door manually from the outside and paint one panel at a time.

Tip: Avoid painting the rubber gasket on the bottom of the garage door.

  • Mix the paint thoroughly by shaking as well as stirring it with a stick. Pour a large amount into a bucket or paint pan and seal that which remains in the original paint bucket.
  • Apply a thin layer of paint evenly using a roller, sprayer, or wide brush. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat. A second coat is recommended for the best results. Start at the lower portion of the door working upward one panel at a time.
  • Use a wide brush to apply two thin, even coats to the garage door trim as well. To gain extra precision angle your paint brush.
  • Remove and dispose of all of the plastic, cardboard, and tape. Use a flat razor to remove any paint from the window panes. Rinse the brushes, roller, and buckets or pans until the water runs clear for acrylic or latex paint. A solvent based cleaner will be needed for clean up if an oil based paint was used.


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Buying the Right One: What to Look for When Shopping for a Garage Door

A garage door is a big investment, no doubt about it. With prices ranging up to the thousands of dollars, at times not inclusive of installation, the decision to purchase a garage door is not one to be trifled with. Much like a whole kitchen setup, once it’s all set up and put in place, the owner is stuck with until it breaks down.

Tips for Garage Door Shopping

Here are some tips and important items to look into to get the perfect door for your home or office:

  1. First, know your needs

When buying garage doors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the gamut of options available in the market. However, homeowners or businesses should always be guided primarily with one thing: their needs.

Buyers can first look into their lifestyles. Do they travel more? Then a garage door with more security assets should be a priority. Are they trying to be more cost-efficient long term? Then choosing garage doors made with stainless steel or plastic must be the top choices, especially with the latter material being virtually indestructible.

For businesses, are they trying to fit into a certain space for their retail business? Then the way the garage door rolls up must be the main consideration above everything else.

In reality, many garage doors are available but the perfect one is the kind that is able to successfully fulfill the needs of the family or the organization.

  1. Warranty and availability of parts

When purchasing, it may be tempting to go and choose the one that is cheaper. However, owners might be shortchanged by this strategy as most doors that have a lesser price tag does not always come with the longest warranty. For those that will use their doors extensively, a warranty that lasts for at least two to three years is the most ideal. Look also for providers that have their own team of experts and technical professionals that can be called for maintenance and repair work.

One key thing when buying doors from other states is the availability of its parts. Some doors are very specific when it comes to their nuts and bolts. In general, it is much more advisable to go for doors whose parts are more universal to prevent costly purchases and maintenance fees.

  1. Design

Garage doors have really come a long way. People don’t really have to suffer from generic looking garage doors anymore. In fact, it can be custom fitted to the needs of the place as well as the preference of the owner.

With the help of a designer, garage doors can be painted and added with elements to make it more beautiful and modern, depending on the overall theme of the structure. Remember, garage doors can be used inside too and can really blend into the interiors for a seamless look. With a few tweaks here and there, a basic garage door is no option at all when buying one these days.

Consult a Professional

Garage door companies like Perfect Solutions may be consulted if you are not sure on what to get for your home or office. They can recommend models and models of doors based on your needs. A reliable garage door company would be happy to help you arrive at the best decision when it comes to purchasing your door.

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A Few Ideas to Repurpose Old Garage Doors

If you have recently changed your garage door, don’t dispose the old one right away.  It may no longer be usable as a garage door, but the materials it is made of can still be used to make amazing stuff for your home or office.  If you purchased it from a reliable garage door company, you can be assured that they are made of the highest quality materials, which can withstand external elements. Not only will repurposing old garage doors benefit you, it help save the environment.

A Newfound Purpose

Throwing away your old garage door to install a new one can be a cumbersome process and is unnecessary, according to Sara Carpenter of Bob Vila. Here are some smart and creative reuse ideas for your doors according to their material.


Most metal garage doors are made with steel, a very strong material.  These doors are designed to withstand elements of nature like wind, water, even fire. Because this is a highly durable material, you can use it to create many things including:

  • A safe to keep your valuable items
  • Metal benches on your lawn.
  • Hanging platforms for plants
  • Modern-looking shelf


Like steel, aluminum is also a metal. However, its strength lies in its malleability and its lightness. Many people prefer aluminum garage doors because it’s cheaper and provides the same amount of protection as metals.  Because of aluminum’s malleability, it can easily be used for various purposes within the house.  For example, using this material, you can:

  • Reinforce your fence
  • Use it as a DIY room divider
  • Turn it into an awesome lawn table or chair
  • Convert it into a grill


Wood is, of course, the most classic among garage door materials.  Reliable garage door companies would only provide you with the highest quality wooden garage door if you get it from them. If time comes when you need to replace your wooden garage door, don’t get dismayed because you can still use it for other things and none of these repurpose ideas include firewood:

  • You can use the panels as accents to an empty wall. They will look good if placed horizontally above the couch.
  • Convert the wood to other furniture like cabinets, shelf etc. The design of the garage door panels will look awesome and classy.
  • Use one of the panels as a headboard for a bed. The carvings and designs of a wooden garage door will look awesome as a bed headboard.

All It Takes is Creativity and Imagination

The list of the things you can do with your old garage door in this article is not exhaustive. This is just to show you that with a little elbow grease and some imagination, your old garage door, no matter what material it is made of can still be useful in many ways.  Throwing them away or selling them for scrap would be a waste of money. If you need to consult an expert whether you really need to have your door replaced in Placer County, California, call Perfect Solutions Garage Door company.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door

Garage doors are like any other part of the house that also needs to be designed to fit in. Luckily for homeowners, more options in terms of material are now available and accessible for their use and needs. It truly is just a matter of knowing what kind of look and feel they want to achieve and where they are located to be able to have the perfect fit.

Are you searching for the right garage door for your home or office? Read up!


As a material, aluminum is really the most affordable among all. However, its greatest strength as a material is unfortunately its weakness: it’s malleable enough to adjust to any need but is more prone to dents or holes. Thickness-wise, it is also not as effective which of course makes it not ideal for extreme weather. It can also be given a different kind of finish to help it blend in further.

Good points: Easy to adjust to any kind of need there is, cheap to purchase, great for those in starter homes or looking for something not permanent.


Steel is probably the most common material for garage doors and is the most widely used in different capacities. It is, like aluminum, also very affordable. As a material, steel is also versatile and can be available in different styles and finish. It comes in various thicknesses, with 27 to 28 gauge being the most thick. Usually, commercially used garage doors are much thicker. Still, it offers very poor insulation.

Good points: Available in the market, can be adjusted for commercial use and great for places like factories and manufacturing plants. 


Wood is the go to material for homeowners who are more inclined to choose romantic-looking homes. Designers opt for stain-grade wood to fully maximize the color effect that wood provides especially for Mediterranean-inspired houses. But as expected, the upkeep and maintenance for wood garage doors can be too burdensome for homeowners who are more carefree. As most garage doors are located outside and near lush gardens, constant exposure to water can make the wood expand. Replacement is much more frequent for this material as well.

Good points: Gives off a really warm look to the house, timeless feel, great for people who have the patience to replace garage doors every year, provides better insulation than steel and aluminum, looks good from the inside as well. 


As a material, fiberglass is the lightest and gives the least amount of pressure from the whole structure. It gives off a very modern vibe instantly as it is coated in aluminum frames. The aluminum frames can be painted later on to achieve the desired look for the place. Sadly, fiberglass is not made for extreme weather. It does get faded from repeated exposure to the elements.

Good points: Amazing material to incorporate for indoor use for to achieve modern looking apartments and retail spaces, durable and is a long-term investment given the price, good for beachfronts as it is salt water corrosion-resistant. 


This is a very current material that’s steadily gaining ground. It can last absolutely for years as it is resistant to almost all kinds of garage door problems – rust, pest, and corrosion. It provides good insulation and it does not fade. Some plastic garage doors are even mixed with UV-resistant elements, making this the best material to ever hit the garage door business.

Good points: Almost lifetime warranty, zero to none maintenance, easy to clean and absolutely does not rot.

Whatever route you choose for your garage door, make sure that it fits your style, taste, and preference! It’s the only way to choose anything after all. If you’re unsure which material you should go for, you can always consult your trusted garage door maintenance company.

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The Pros and Cons of a Wood Garage Door

Garage DoorWhen matched appropriately with your home, nothing adds more curb appeal than a beautifully designed wood garage door. If you’re thinking about adding a garage door constructed from wood to beautify your frontage, it’s worth knowing all the pros and cons before committing to the purchase. To help you in finalizing your decision, here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of installing a wood garage door.

Wood Garage Door Pros

Uniquely Customizable:Perhaps one of the most notable advantages of a wood garage door is the fact that you can choose to purchase one which is completely customized to suit your home. If you choose to buy a customized door you will need a fairly hefty budget. If you can afford the expense though, your door can be built from scratch to match the aesthetics of your home exterior. Another point in favor of a customized wood garage door is that if your garage floor isn’t quite level, the door can be made to fit perfectly.

Choice of Material: A wood garage door can be made from many different types of timber, which is an important point if you are planning to have your door custom built. You can choose to have your door made in the same wood as used for your sidings, front door and window frames. Some of the most popular types of wood for garage doors are alder, fir, redwood and cedar.

Hard Wearing: If you have kids, a wood garage door will mean you don’t have to worry about it being dented or cracked by a basketball or bicycle wheel. Unlike doors made of vinyl, steel or aluminum, timber doors are very tough and hard wearing.

Wood Garage Door Cons

Maintenance: Compared with other garage doors made from other materials, wooden doors are high-maintenance. You will need to ensure your door is protected with an appropriate weatherproof coating. This will need to be reapplied every so often. You will also need to regularly inspect your door for signs of rotting.

Lack of Insulation: A wood garage door may not be your best option if you are concerned about energy efficiency. Although timber does provide a degree of insulation, other materials offer more since a layer of insulation can be sandwiched between the inner and outer door skin. Wooden doors are solid, so there is no way to add extra insulation.

Need Heavy-Duty Fixtures: Because wood doors are solid, they are extremely heavy. As well as being more expensive than other door types, you will also have the extra expense of heavy duty springs to keep your garage door balanced. If you want to automate the opening and closing of your door, you will also need a heavy-duty door opener.

Wood garage doors are no different than those made from other materials, in that they have their drawbacks as well as their advantages. If you have the budget and don’t mind giving your door some regular TLC to protect it from the elements, you are sure to enjoy the visual impact and curb appeal that a wood garage door can add to your home.


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