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Top Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Garage Door

garageWith more homes being built with designs that are being borrowed from homes in the 50’s and 60’s especially in suburban areas, there is starting to become a resurgence of interest in wooden garage doors.

In general, wooden garage doors provide a very homey and polished look to any house, more so for those who follow the Mediterranean style. It gives a sense of warmth due to the earthy and natural feel that only wood can provide. Versus metal garage doors that stick out due to its cold and hard finish, wooden garage doors are more into blending into the house’s design and add a bigger look to the garden.

However, as with anything wooden, homeowners pay for it through maintenance and upkeep. Imagine if appliances made of wood that are already found indoors need utmost care, what more for wooden garage doors that are exposed to the elements day in and day out?

Read up on how to care for those garage doors the right way:

1. Proper ventilation and pest control

Make sure that your garage has proper ventilation to ensure that the door is not kept moist or kept hot for too long. Proper airing also maintains the wood and prevents signs of wear and tear such as sagging or white spots. If there are already molds in your garage, a wet spot is not unlikely so a general cleaning is much needed.

Proper pest control is also needed to make sure that those pesky wood eating bugs especially termites are out of sight and permanently out of your home.

2. Get the right contractor to install

Even if you are going for the natural look with a wooden garage door, it does not mean that it should become an object made from the 19th century with manual pulleys. For it to work and work well for you, it will still rely on hinges and rollers to go up and down automatically, with a sensor and a remote control to ensure your garage’s and your home’s security.

Compared to a metal garage door, it’s a bit trickier to do this with a wooden garage door and it pays to have your trusted contractor handle the details on this. If possible, let your contractor source everything from getting the materials to installation.

As much as it’s more romantic, leave the choosing of the type of wood to the professionals. Some types may be too heavy and will sooner or later affect also the integrity of your own house as it goes up and down on a daily basis, getting so much pressure from your walls.

Let your contractor also do the upkeep, making sure that all hinges are well lubricated on a monthly basis.

3. Paint and seal it

Sealing the garage door is part and parcel of the process. A coat of sealant protects it from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays and at the same time, takes care of it from very cold and wet weather that may seep in. Painting also provides much needed protection and makes sure to do a once-over every time peeling or flaking begins to happen.

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Tips for Buying a Wooden Garage Door

Garage DoorThere’s nothing quite like the look of an elegant and warm-looking wood garage door to set off the front of your home. In terms of curb appeal, timber has it in spades. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and if you have the budget, you can get a completely unique, custom-designed door. If you are thinking about investing in a wooden door, there are a few important things to consider before you buy.

Choosing the Wood Species

One of the most important factors in your choice of wooden garage door should be the species of wood used in its construction. Popular species used in garage door construction are Hemlock, Cedar and Redwood. You can also get doors constructed from oak, fir and walnut. Cedar and Redwood garage doors are a sensible choice if you live in a rainy or damp climate. These materials also look great if you already have Cedar or Redwood siding on your home exterior. Matching the siding with a garage door of the same material is a great way to add a cohesive appearance to your home.

Make sure you find out about any specific building code requirements in your locality. For example, in some coastal locations, garage doors over 10 feet in width must be constructed with Hemlock stiles and rails. Hemlock is a good choice of material if you plan to stain your garage door. If you intend to paint your door instead, wood garage doors with MDF or MDO panels make it easier to get the best finish, without any roughness or flaws.

Initial and Ongoing Maintenance

Garage doors constructed of wood do require a bit more maintenance than other materials. It’s important to bear that in mind. However if you’re prepared to put in just a little effort, the beautiful appearance of natural wood makes the small amount of work worthwhile. Just remember that if you neglect this maintenance, your door won’t look so attractive after two or three years and may even develop problems with opening and closing.

The most important thing is to protect your wood garage door from moisture. Before installation, your garage door should be primed and painted, or stained. The stain or paint should be of a high quality and should repel water. It should also be mold, mildew and UV light resistant. The extra investment in a good quality finish for your door will prevent any warping, rotting, cracking or fading. If you prefer not to finish the door yourself, you should be able to purchase one that’s sealed, stained and ready to go from a good garage door supplier.This initial protection represents the bulk of maintenance work you will need to do. After that it’s just a case of repainting or staining your wood garage door every three or four years.

For enhancing the curb appeal of your home, wood is a practical and attractive option which will last for years if you protect it. If you have a garage door opening that is not of a standard size, wood is probably your best choice as it’s possible to customize the door construction. Customizable, adaptable and attractive, what’s not to love about wooden garage doors?


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