The difference between the longevity of a maintained garage door and an un-maintained garage door is YEARS! Caring for your garage door is a necessity to getting the most life out of it, and saving you money!

There are some easy ways to keep your garage door maintained properly. You can do these tasks monthly, quarterly and some are yearly. Many of them can be done on your own. It’s always a great idea to schedule a yearly maintenance check with a licensed company to catch anything you might have missed, or to fix anything you might not realize is broken, before it gets worse!

Monthly Tasks

Checking your tracks is something that can be done every month and only takes a few minutes.

Simply grab a wet cloth and wipe down your tracks carefully. Feel as you go for any bumps or dents that might need your attention. Cleaning the tracks also helps the door run more smoothly along them, as it removes any debris or built up residue.

Make sure to grab a dry towel and wipe the tracks dry when you’re done!

Quarterly Tasks

Check your weather sealant at the start of every new season. When temperatures change quickly, the sealant is more prone to crack or tear. So this makes the change of seasons a great time to check.

Sealant helps keep critters out of your garage door, but it also helps seal the door off from the air flow outside. In the summer this protects your garage from the hot air, and cold air in winter .

Checking this is easy, just take the tip of your finger and run it along the seal. If you feel any tears or cracks, either replace the sealant, or call a professional to do it for you.

Lubricating your door and parts is also something that is great to do quarterly. We recommend a lithium or silicone spray, NOT WD40. Lubrication helps your door run smoothly and more quietly.

Spray on your rollers, ball bearings, hinges, chain rail and the arm bar of your garage door. Avoid spraying the chain, springs or the bottom of the chain rail.
Simply performing these THREE tasks every month or quarter, can go a long way in catching any problems before they arise.

You save money just by checking these things, even if actual repairs are done by a professional garage door company. 5-10 minutes every month and quarter can really save you a ton!