Whether your garage door fails to open and closely properly or emits a squeaking sound at the slightest movement, troubleshooting garage door problems should be done as soon as possible. Here are the top telltale signs of a problematic garage door and why you need to get in touch with a reliable Roseville garage door company should any of these signs occur.

Squeaking Garage Door

A squeaking sound usually indicates poor lubrication. The most common problems resulting in a squeaking garage door usually involve dry rollers or bearings. You can carry out your own garage door repair project at home by applying lubricating fluid or you may seek out the services of professional garage door maintenance and repair company.

Garage Door that Moves Too Slowly

A garage door that doesn’t move smoothly usually indicates door springs problems. It is very possible that the springs of your garage door have already run its course and will therefore require immediate replacing. A Folsom garage door repair company can take care of the spring replacement and regular maintenance for you.

Door that Doesn’t Close Properly

If your door begins to close and forces open again before closing completely, this very often points to some obstruction problems. Some object may have caused the obstruction so that your garage door does not close completely. Some cases involve broken cables or damaged cable pulleys that need immediate replacing.

Scraping Sound

A garage door that emits a scraping sound is usually the result of a worn out cable. In some instances this scraping sound is the result of an uneven or skewed reinforcement strut. A garage door repair expert can diagnose the problem professionally, while replacing the frayed parts as needed.

These obvious signs should alert you on the actual state of your garage door as early as possible. Don’t wait until too late before having your garage doors checked or the parts replaced by a trusted professional. Contact Perfect Solutions Garage Door Inc to find the Roseville garage door repair technician who will take care of your repair and maintenance needs today.